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Welcome to the homepage of polish Scenthound Club – Klub Posokowców Polskiego Związku Łowieckiego

Our club is the only polish member of the ISHV and brings together the leaders of both Hannoverscher Schweißhund and Bayerischer Gebirgschweißhund.

General information:

The club was founded in eighties last century. In 1997  it was admitted to the ISHV. From 2018 our club is affiliated by Polish Hunting Association.

Our goals are:

Maintaining and continuing the tradition of searching for wounded animals under the aspects of animal welfare and the professional leadership of Hannoverscher Schweißhund and Bayerischer Gebirgschweißhund.

Ensuring compliance with FCI and ISHV specifications for performance breeding purposes.

The implementation of dog handler courses and creation of a professional search stations in Poland.

Popularisation of tracking as an important element of hunting culture, hunting ethics, hunting tradition and current hunting practice.

What you should consider when buying a puppy in Poland !!!

Only the puppies, which come from our club members, get a so-called ISHV vignette.

The vignette is a hologram sticker glued to the FCI pedigree and provides evidence that both parents have provided the anticipated benefits on artificial and on a natural track.

In addition, the vignette ensures that the conformation of our dogs complies with the FCI standard and all ancestors are free from HD (hip dysplasia).

The breeders in the Poland, who are not members of the ISHV club, are allowed to breed, even though the dogs do not perform tests for tracking and there is no proof of non-HD parents.

The non-members are eligible to breed under the polisch FCI Assosiation.

The puppies of such parent animals can get a FCI pedigree but without a claim to an ISHV vignette.

The vignette, in turn, is no guarantee that the dog will recover or perform well. The vignette guarantees, however, that the parent animals and all dogs within the pedigree (grandparents,great grandparents etc)have done all necessary tests for both work,conformation and health.

The successes in the tracking work come when the genetic systems meet with a professional training of the dog.

It will be difficult for you to train the dog alone. You need a circle of friends, tutors and a network of hunters, tenants and foresters who will help and support you during the training and later in the search work.

Already in the puppy selection, the support of the breeder in the matter of puppy training and education is needed. Although the commercial breeders in Poland sell dogs with FCI papers, they do not want to have anything to do with you from the moment you hand over and pay the purchase price.

They will not assist you if the dog becomes ill or something bad happens to you. A network with other club members is indispensable in such cases.

The breeding goal of the commercial breeder is just the money. The quantity is crucial and not the quality of the puppy.

Dogs without ISHV vignettes coming to Germany will not be admitted to the ISHV clubs in Europe (KBGS, club Hirschmann, ÖSHV, SSC, etc.). They are lost for the future breed base for the whole breed.


The clubs united in the ISHV have a common breeding strategy, which aims to:

It may only be bred with healthy animals.

For breeding only approved dogs are allowed.

The mating is planned to ensure genetic diversity instead of inbreeding.

The breeding with related animals is not allowed.

In the so-called FCI breeding , inbreeding is often operated to achieve the desired exterior (appearance), for example: black mask, head shape, etc.

The workingskills of a dog are not prooven or not seen as priority.

This irretrievably loses hunting requirements.

It often happens that the dogs are not safe with gunshot, anxious,or aggressive.

Hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia or epilepsy due to inbreeding often occur  in these dogs.

The commercial FCI breeder does not care about the future of the breed.

If you are a hunter and have dreamed of a tracking dog, contact us and we will help you to get a dog from a performance breeding!

We also can advise you on whether a puppy comes from a commercial or performance breeding.

Małgorzata Strauss

Breeding master


Członek ISHV